Let the dragon fly…

Greetings readers (if anyone will actually read these)! I couldn’t decide on a title for my first “entry”, or something simple enough to just mean “introduction.”

The title is a pun, I guess, for ‘dragonfly’. If you haven’t figured it out, 22B is wordplay (?) for tutubi, or dragonfly in Filipino. ‘Dragon’ being my brain — yeah, I think highly of what goes on up there in my head — and ‘fly’ meaning release, soar, go ALL OUT. I’d explain why I chose the tutubi as my secret identity, but I’ll save that for when I’m famous and people want to know how it relates to me — yes, manifesting. Gotta admit, the whole pun-title-thing is hella corny, but I do it to all my Spotify playlist names, even if nobody but myself would understand the meaning. It’s just more fun that way.

Anyway, here I am, writing, even though I have 0 talent as a writer. I just have a LOT of thoughts on a lot of things, even things I should maybe do some more research on so that my opinions are more… valid? (Btw, I’m gonna be switching from formal writing to informal writing regularly because why tf not??? Nobody is grading me, and I’m sick of formalities!)

I wanted to start a podcast, but it’s much easier being anonymous this way. I felt that maybe I should start anonymous because I’m terrified of social media and #cancelculture — a topic I have much to say about by the way. I just know that some of my opinions will be misconstrued and next thing I know, I’m done for.

Hope my whole page gets a lot of attention…and maybe money. Hahaha, I want money to be fooken honest. But also, a part of me wants to affect the minds of people with my own opinions, like really open some eyes… wew. K, that is all.





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“we are infinitely nothing before we are born, and infinitely nothing when we die; this is all we have.”